"Should I go for cheap contractor quotes?"

Posted by Tyrone Saunders on January 17, 2017

"Should I go for cheap contractor quotes?"

Need advice while deciding between quotes? Resi is on hand to advise you on what to look out for and guide you to getting the right professional for your needs

As the UK’s leading residential architecture practice, you can trust Resi to deliver the highest quality no matter the size of your project. As part of their building regulations package, Resi also provides a complimentary Connect service, whereby they introduce you to trusted (and thoroughly vetted) professionals in your area.

What’s more, in 2019, Resi became the official partner of TrustMark—the UK’s only Government quality scheme for UK tradespeople. Together they’re finding the best contractors to introduce to homeowners and combining them with free advice, financial protection, and a thorough vetting process. When it comes to building, Resi’s customers benefit from the most robust protection in the housing sector.

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